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this article so inspired me.  I've heard this type of story before.  At another time it was about a divorce that was pending.  The couple had children.  The woman was a lawyer.  She told the wife she would not  stand by and watch her ruin her life and create havoc for her children.   Ended with both spouses taking the high road and deciding to create a mutually loving end to the relationship for the sake of the kids.  There have also been those who have chosen this "high" road in their lives in work situations.  It's a great parenting model too.  Love, love, love it.  
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soothing and warm

The beginning...

I tried to start an anonymous journal here... a place where I could swear, tell all my worst thoughts... share my true feelings about the mundane and tragic things in the world, most of all I wanted to just let it all out in the worst way. Well I had trouble even beginning to write here in that way... I also had trouble making it anonymous (the dead end e-mail address wouldn't work and then when I finally got something up and running my name appeared at the top linked to my facebook) /rolls eyes/ Then as my day begins to roll out of control on Thursday and Friday and my outlet here isn't working (until now) I read a series of amazing articles about women who take things from very positive energy and I realize that is what I want to write about. I want to share those things that inspire me to better places and not my junk yard dog attitude. /sigh/ So I'm seeking inspiration. I'm not befriending a soul here right now except myself. If someone finds me so be it but for now I'm working to find myself... the person buried underneath self scorn.